Monday, July 02, 2007

More classics

Picnic at Fraggle rock*

Valentines day 1905, a group of Aussie schoolgirls go on a school trip to an ancient aboriginal lighthouse for education and repressed desires, but three girls and their schoolmistress disappear and the only clue is the ghoslty presence of muppets. Have the girls spurned the material and claustrophobic existence of colonial Australia and ascended to some higher spiritual plane? Or have they just gone beneath the lighthouse and become dozers.

William Blake’s 7

William Blake, visionary, artisan, rebel leader. Sent to Newgate prison for insulting the Government he meets a group of criminals who band together in the name of freeing the earth from the Federation, dark satanic mills and religious hierarchy. Witness Blake having visions of angels on the bridge of the liberator, Servalan camping it up with the Ancient of Days and Avon sneering at the quality of Blake’s etchings.

*picnic at hanging rock is SF, for reasons i ache to go into but would spoil the film or those who haven't seen it.


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