Wednesday, April 11, 2007

internet bastard

the last two or three posts i made have been mysteriously deleted. they were there, posted, on the intertwat and now they are gone. will now try to retrieve them from the guts of the internet.

to be honest i was only posting because there was a shoutout on bookslut for new sci fi columnist and i wanted to impress the queen of book blogs into maybe smilig kindly upon my raddled face. in the unlikely event that she looked at the blog she would have seen lovely articles on britain sci fi totalitarian tendancies and why i don't like robots, as well as sci fi literary mashups (such as DH lawrence of arabia and angela carter of mars)

i don't post for thre months then when i do they just disappear, fucking hell. especially as i don't have copies of them. not wantin to slip into the role of seventies conspiracy theorist but this has now happened not only in blogger but in googlemail, which deleted all the emails i had sent from my work address containing all my precious, precious writing.
that pissed me off a lot so i started sending them to my yahoo address, which accepted them fine for a few days then deleted them for no reason, then it went back and casually deleted all the emails i had sent from my old work address, which contained yet more archieved writing. tried another yahoo address and got the same. at this point i wanted to kill someone, as the story emails were the only ones i wantd to keep, i wouldn't have minded all the others being deleted.

no one so far has been able to adequately explain why the dark gods of the internet might have chosen to targe me in this esoteric way, but it is like some apposite hell punishment, to the point where i wonder if i ever even did write any stories. i would make it into story but i would feel a bit stephen king and would be fuckign boring, so i won't.

i'l not get into the fact when i order stuff from ebay it comes adressed to my ex girlfriend- no matter how many times oi specify the name, if it ever comes at all. stuff from amazon now refuses to arrive along with any tickets i order, makes goign to gigs that extra bit fun. i also lost my glasses ina bedroom so small i can touched the walls with both hands. it'll be the tinfoil hat next, either that or spontaneous human combustion due to imense frustration.


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