Wednesday, July 12, 2006


see post on aeon flux and equilibrium. the budgets of all these films could have been used to do so many great things. not least hunting down and wiping out these hollywood execs and hack directors who keep making these abominations.

in the totalitarian future, no one is allowed to cover their midriff.

i was hoping this film might be a big screen version of the late nineties vampire series that was really good but cancelled very quickly, not even getting a second series. because C4 obviously thought nobody was intersted in vampires, vampire hunters or sinister vampire conspiracies to wipe out mankind.

they would rather have made more series like killer net, possibly the worst "its on a computer, no its really happening and killing people" pieces of visual sci fi ever. have yet to see stay alive but i bet thats not much better, and its not even got Take That star jason orange in a bit part cameo.


Blogger mick said...

I remember the C4 'Ultraviolet'; It had Jack Davenport and Corin Redgrave in it. I seem to remember it having quite a cult following in the US. I won't even entertain the notion of seeing the movie 'Ultraviolet', because, generally, and this is a sad fact, action movies with females as the protagonist are nearly always rubbish. (I can only think of the 'Alien' films as movies which refute this, and only two of them are really good.)
Anyway, this is a great blog; intelligent and interesting.

2:21 pm  
Blogger Hunter McEvoy said...

Welcome, sir, and thanks.

From what I recall, Ultraviolet would have come back for a second series, but Buffy hit just after and I guess everyone's attention was drawn elsewhere.

9:12 pm  

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