Sunday, April 23, 2006

On Fighting Evil with the Power of Science, Part One.

In recent times I've found it almost impossible to keep up with watching any TV programme regularly. Me and episodic television have always had an odd relationship, based around the fact that I absolutely hate watching things out of order, or not starting from the beginning. For example, there's no way that I could watch the last series of West Wing that's showing on More4 because I haven't finished the Series 5 DVD yet. You can imagine how much I despise spoilers. I used to go to stupid lengths to avoid finding out about Babylon 5, to the point that I wouldn't read the episode blurb in the television guide (to be fair, the Western Mail did used to give away an awful lot in that bit.)

The worst spoiler sinners of late have been whoever put together the 24 DVDs. Because of the difficulties associated with watching episodic television (prior engagements, schedule hopping, having a life) most of the things I like I buy on disc and watch them that way. To watch individual 24 episodes, you have to go to the 'play' button on the episode's sub-menu. And this page, rather helpfully, shows a frame from the episode. Sure, if you've seen them already then it's a great way to show you you what exact episode you're looking at, but if you haven't seen it before then the memorable frame they show is inevitably a massive spoiler; a character that's supposed to be dead, an old character returning, or in one case it shows how an important character dies.

Seriously, it got to the point where I had to cover the preview picture with the DVD box to make sure I didn't figure out any of the twists.

Stop looking at me like that.

But now, it turns out we're living in some kind of TV Golden Age. If television were Cybertron, we would be surrounded in gleaming spires, with the film industry as Unicron's desiccated skull. I've gone from watching almost nothing to following loads of programmes religiously. In no particular order, Doctor Who, Lost, Battlestar Gallactica, Hustle, Life on Mars, 24, The West Wing, any animated DC comics property, and that's probably not the half of it. With all of this and an Xbox 360, it shouldn't be any surprise that 1. the Fractal Hall isn't updated much and 2. I haven't seen my friends or my family in a while.

The strangest thing about the above trend is the alarming amount of things I follow on Channel 5, of all stations. The Shield and House, for a start, and Prison Break looks pretty good too. In the past couple of weeks, however, and in the typical way that I always arrive late to a party, I've started to watch CSI.


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