Thursday, November 24, 2005

On London Sacrifices

St Botlph's Church, Old City of London- originally built in 11th Century. rebuilt in 1700's-

"during the dismantling of the older church, the body of a child was found plastered into an upright position in one of the vaults. People paid tuppence to have a peep. Apparently the intestines were in a good state of preservation. "

more recently-

"A key witness has claimed 11 children were murdered by a demonic African cult linked to the death of a boy whose torso was found in the Thames. Detectives investigating the murder believe “Adam” was killed in a ritual ceremony by a west African cult in Britain. His torso was discovered clothed in only a pair of orange shorts in 2001.

Investigators believe Adam was forced to drink a potion containing ground-up bones shortly before he was killed, and that the orange shorts were chosen for their colour, which they believe has religious significance"

so the city of London has quite a reputation for sacrificial quasi religious murder. that plus bouddicca's last battle against the romans took place by the thames where Parliament is now.

And i do believe the city of london Coat of Arms has a bloody sword commemorating the putting down by nefarious means the Peasents revolt in the 14th century.

and thats not to mention the whole bloodsucking aspect of the birthplace of modern capitalism and the british empire.

Strange place London, the city of london especially. go there on a sunday and the place is deserted. nobody lives there. its just full of concentrated age and conspicious wealth.


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