Monday, November 21, 2005

On Morrison

What with one thing and another its dificiult sometimes to find time to think of new ideas for SciFi/horror/SpecFic/other pretentious name for a genre stories. Instead i use a technique that i stongly suspect might be used by the mighty scottish king of ideas Grant Morrison. that is to randomly jumble some some weird newspaper articles in a big bin and pull them out and try to figure out a story that mixes them all together. It never fails, and now i open this up to the readers of this journal (all three of you). Here are some snippets of Internet news items-

From a random new york journal-

Last night around 11pm, as I exited the subway in Astoria, Queens, NYC, I couldn't help but notice the overwhelming aroma of pancake syrup. Apparently I wasn't alone. The smell was reported all over the city last night. It has yet to be explained." There were conflicting accounts as to its nature. A police officer who had thrown out her French vanilla coffee earlier compared it to that. Two diplomats from the Netherlands disagreed, politely. Rieneke Buisman said it smelled like roasted peanuts. Her friend Joris Geeven said it reminded him of a Dutch cake called peperkoek, though he could not describe that smell.

From some science thing-

The Ahighito meteorite weighs 36-and-a-half tons. It is just a fragment of a much larger meteorite called the Cape York Meteorite, which weighed 200 tons. It landed in Greenland over 1000 years ago and was used by the Inuit people as a source of metal tips for spears and harpoons. The Inuit people kept the location of the meteorite fragments a secret, but in 1894 Robert Peary traded one of them a gun for the location of the Ahighito fragment.
A huge iron meteorite (a type IIIA octahedrite), that fell as a shower — the largest known — more than 1,000 years ago and landed in Cape York, West Greenland. Its existence first became suspected when the explorer John Ross and his expedition, while searching for the Northwest Passage, encountered members of an Inuit tribe in northwestern Greenland in 1818 and were astonished to find that they had knife blades, harpoon points, and engraving tools made of meteoric iron. The area has no natural metal deposits, yet the plentiful supply of meteoric iron enabled the polar hunters to develop Iron Age technology to help them survive. The natives, however, would not divulge the location of their source of metal. Ross later had samples of the metal fragments analyzed and found them to contain nickel, leading Ross to believe that the source of the metal was meteoric.Five expeditions from 1818 to 1883 failed to find the source of the iron until Robert Peary was led by a local guide, in exchange for a gun, to the site of the fall on Saviksoah Island off northern Greenland’s Cape York in 1894. The meteorite was in three main chunks, known from Inuit folklore as Ahnighito (the Tent), weighing 31 tons, the Woman (2½ tons), and the Dog (½ ton). By this time, the native Greenlanders
had greater access to
imported knives, guns, spears, and needles, so by Peary's early 1890s visit, the location of the mass of metal was a less closely guarded secret. Over the next three years, Peary’s expeditions managed to load the pieces of the metoerite onto ships despite severe weather, engineering problems, and having to build Greenland’s only railway specifically for the task. Upon arrival in New York City, the source of Greenland’s Iron Age was sold to the American Museum of Natural History for $40,000. Several more large masses have since been found and recovered from the strewnfield, including, in the 1960s, the 15-ton Agpalilik, thought to be the legendary "Man" and fourth member of the Cape York family.

more random news item-

Thai police have long warned tourists against accepting food and drink from strangers because of the risk of being drugged and robbed.'But now we are adding one more warning for tourists: Don't rush to kiss a stranger on the mouth or you will end up in a deep sleep,' Lt-Col Akachai said.Several years ago, members of another transvestite gang in Pattaya admitted to applying strong tranquilisers to their nipples to drug and then rob unsuspecting men.

Can you make this into story? Shaven headed scotsmen need not apply.


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