Monday, September 05, 2005

On House(Hall)keeping

Illness is the reason for the recent delays over at, plus my cohort Swaine and I have been discussing future plans. We'll be changing the emphasis from being a regularly-updating blog type site to more of a fiction/comic repository. I'll be keeping a focus on Xenocrates M as a regular ongoing comic strip, while retiring the secondary "Argent" strip. We are planning a bigger redesign in the New Year.

Sophie I Love You, Sophie I'm Dead are an innovative, innovating Cardiff-based band, pioneers of the burgeoning prog/punk/goth scene, currently consisting of Sophie I Love You, Sophie I'm Dead. I urge you all to listen to their moving tribute to Aquaman, the one true King of the Sea.

I had the misfortune of discovering a mouse scurrying around my bedroom last night, and believe me I'm not one of those bed-wetting types who gets all mushy over fuzzy rodents. I stared it down with my steely gaze as I stood on my chair and quivered. I have directed my flatmate to purchase some death-traps or failing that a mangy old battle-scarred tomcat. Either way, Stuart Little will die.


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