Thursday, September 14, 2006

Update Pattern Recognition

Those of you playing along at home may have noticed that we missed a comic strip update last night. We kind of did, and kind of didn't.

At the moment, the idea is for Xenocrates M to update five times a week, Monday to Friday. The pattern we've fallen into is updating the strip Sunday to Thursday evening, at about 10PM GMT. So depending on your time zone, it may better be described as a Sunday to Thursday comic. Last night's missed strip has now gone up, and there'll be another one going up tomorrow night. The plan is to stick to a five-day update, even if occasionally the timing may not be as consistent as we'd like.

In other news, the long promised monthly issue of the Fractal Hall Journal is damn near done, with only a couple of minor faults to be tweaked before it's unleashed on the world. I owe a big apology to my co-conspirators on this; they've been incredibly patient through many, many delays, but it's almost certainly going up this Saturday.


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