Friday, May 11, 2007

classics of SF literature

Angela Carter of Mars

Daring space adventurer Angela Carter goes to the red planet, where she encounters many strange alien creatures, all of which correspond to psycho sexual impulses within the human heart. Everyone also swaps genders for a bit and subverts the traditional space adventure archetype.

DH Lawrence of Arabia.

Witness the great Arab revolt through the eyes of a working class Yorkshire man having an affair with a posh Arabic princess whose sheikh husband is crippled from the waist down. Highlights include Lawrence wrestling naked with Omar Sharif and the Turks representing the onward rush of dehumanising industry.

Tropic of Capricorn One

Henry miller, Anais Nin and OJ Simpson go to Mars, or do they? Hard bitten reporter Elliott Gould tries to get the real story, which is pretty much that they just shagged all the time and talked about literature and the human condition when they were meant to be controlling the rocket and thus crashed in the Arizona desert. Or did OJ do it? Read his book “How I went to mars and didn‘t kill nobody” from a certain barrel scraping Murdoch owned publishing house.


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